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Please find here a step by step guide to:

  1. Creating an account*;
  2. Creating & submitting a manuscript for publication; and
  3. Reviewing a manuscript.

* Please note that your journal subscriber account does not provide access to the manuscript platform. You may however use the same email address to create a manuscript platform account. Likewise, manuscript platform accounts do not provide access to the journal articles. You will need to subscribe to the jorunal for this and, again, you may use the same email address.




Creating an account

Click on "Create a New Account". You will be asked to enter the email address which you would like to use for corresponding with the Journal of Heart Valve Disease. You will receive an email at that address with a hyperlink which will confirm that you are setting up a new account. After clicking on the link, please follow the instructions.

If you are setting up an account as a reviewer, you will be asked to select up to five areas of expertise from a drop down list. This list is used to identify the most suitable reviewers for submitted manuscripts. Once you have completed the process of registering as a reviewer, your account must be activated by the editor. This should take no more than a couple of days.

Logging in

Enter your correspondence email address and password. If you are registered as both a reviewer and a submitting author you will be asked to select the capacity in which you wish to log in. You will then be taken to the homepage of the relevant account. If you are mistakenly taken directly to a homepage and it is not the capacity in which you wish to work, please log out and back in.

If you are registered solely as either an author or a reviewer, you will be taken directly to your homepage.

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Creating a new manuscript

On your homepage you will see the option to create a new manuscript by clicking on a button. This will take you to the first manuscript set up and upload page. You will be asked first to enter the details of the corresponding author. Please enter the details of the corresponding author’s institution as you would like them to appear in the article if your manuscript is accepted for publication.

Step 1: Begin by selecting the type of submission from the drop down list (as per the screenshot on the left). Next select up to five keywords from the drop down list (as per the screenshot below).


Step 2: Enter the manuscript title by either typing it directly into the box on the screen, or by copying and pasting it into the box.


Step 3: Enter the institutions to which the authors are affiliated. The corresponding author’s institution will appear first and cannot be moved. Please enter the institutions in the form you wish them to appear in the article if your paper is accepted.


Step 4: Enter the names and affiliations of the other authors by entering the given and family name in the boxes provided and selecting the institution from the list you entered previously. After each author has been entered, create a new line by clicking on "add another author" (see the screenshot below). Select the position in the list of authors that you wish the corresponding author to appear (the default position is 1)


Step 5: Enter the abstract for your paper by either typing directly in the box or copying and pasting it (as per the screenshot on the left).


Step 6: Upload the substantive parts of your paper. Please upload the body of your text and your list of references as separate Word files. Upload tables (including legends) in Word or Excel, images as .jpeg, .png or .pdf, and videos as .wmv, mpg, mp4 or avi. Please ensure all files are reproduction quality.

To upload firstly either, drag and drop files from your computer's file system into the light grey boxes with red borders then click the "Start" button, or click the button "Add", this will open a dialog box and enable you to select the required file from your computer's file system. An upload progress bar should appear. The time taken to upload will depend on the file size. Once uploaded, the name of the file will appear as a red hyperlink to the file in the relevant box. If it does not display immediately this does not mean that the file has not uploaded – it may take a few moments for the system to register the new file and it may be necessary to refresh your screen. PLEASE NOTE: There may be issues uploading files using a tablet machine depending on its settings – if you encounter such issues save your paper and return to it when you are at your desktop.

Step 7: When you have finished uploading files, click on "Save and Continue". If you have uploaded images and/or videos you will be taken to a further screen (see below). Please check the name of each file, and select the relevant figure/video number from the drop-down list, and insert legends either by typing directly into the box or copying and pasting. Please Note: When you click "Save and Continue" after uploading your files, there may be a delay of a few moments while the files/documents are processed.


After clicking "Save and Continue", you will be given a screen to supply ordering and legends for figures and videos. When ready click "Save & Complete Manuscript", this completes the manuscript unput process and you you are taken back to the author homepage.


Step 8: If you wish to amend any part of your manuscript, click on "Edit Manuscript" from the author homepage. This facility also means that you do not have to create the whole of your manuscript at once. If you are ready to submit it, click "Submit Manuscript".


This will take you to a new screen with a check list. Please ensure that you have checked each relevant box, that you have made the disclosure and compliance statement by checking the box below it, and that you have uploaded any permissions or other documents to the box at the bottom of the screen. You can also nominate up to two reviewers by completing their details in the box provided.

Complete the process of submitting the manuscript by clicking "Confirm Submit Manuscript".

1: Top of check list

2: Bottom of check list

When you return to your homepage you will see that your paper has moved from the list of "Manuscripts Awaiting Action" to "Manuscripts Under Review", From this time on it is not possible to amend your paper, but it remains possible to withdraw it from consideration for publication. You will be able to see the progress of the paper each time you log in to your homepage.

If you wish to review your paper while it is being considered, click on "Go to Manuscript", and a page will appear looking like Screen 1 below. You can expand any of the boxes to view the relevant field by clicking on them. When the boxes are expanded they will appear as Screen 2 below.


Screen 1

Screen 2

Once a review has been completed the text "Reviewer x" will be highlighted in red next to the paper on your homepage. You can view the review by clicking on that red text. In the example on the left the paper has been reviewed, returned for amendment, and the amendment is awaited (hence the paper being in the "Manuscripts Awaiting Action" list). The reviewer link has been struck through to indicate that it is not current, but it can still be viewed by clicking on the text.

When a review has been completed you will also receive an automated email informing you that a review is available. When you click on the link to the review, it will appear in a new page as per the screenshot below.


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Reviewing a manuscript

You will receive an automated email informing you that a paper has been assigned to you for review. Please log in to the system and if appropriate select your reviewer account. On your homepage you will see a list of the manuscripts awaiting your review listed in order of the date on which they were assigned. Click on "Go to Manuscript" and a screen will appear as per screen 1 below. Expand the boxes by clicking on them to reveal their content, as per screen 2 below. You can expand the body text, tables, figures and references by clicking on the red text in each box.

Screen 1

Screen 2

To view videos please click on the red link. Your browser should try and play the video and it may open the video in a new tab. If your browser can't play it itself, the video may open in your default media player and play the video. If neither of these, then the browser will ask you where to download the file so that you can select how is should be played. Of course, you can choose to do this by right clicking (Ctrl clikc on the Mac) to download the file. On tablets the video function works well on iOs devices and on Android devices we recommend Firefox which is free to download and install.

Complete your review by filling in the boxes for comments to the authors and comments to the editor. Self-evidently, authors will only be able to see your comments to them, and your review will remain anonymous. Complete the boxes either by typing directly into them or by cutting and pasting. When you have finished click "Save Review" A new version of the review box will appear with text in a red box (as per the screenshot on the right). Please click on the text in red to move to the next step (this is a failsafe to ensure you are happy with your review before it is submitted). You will be taken back to your homepage where you will be able to make your summary recommendation by clicking on the relevant box (as per the screenshot below). If you consider that the paper may be suitable for publication but only after amendment, please either recommend "accept" or "reject" but make the appropriate comments in the relevant review boxes.


When you have made your recommendation you will be taken to a summary screen which will show you the comments you have made to both the authors and the editor and asking you to confirm your recommendation. This is one final opportunity to consider your review before it is submitted.


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