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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements?

On desk-tops he manuscript submission process of JHVD works best on Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. Users may encounter some minor issues with Google Chrome and less popular browsers. On tablets and smartphones the process works well with iOs devices, but you may encounter issues with the browser of Android devices. These are issues inherent in the browsers which we cannot do anything about.

Why am I limited to five areas of expertise as a reviewer?

The areas of expertise you list are used to identify the most appropriate reviewers for manuscripts submitted for publication. We therefore ask that you list those five areas which best reflect your practice, experience or area of academic specialism. We would also like to avoid troubling you too often.

I am trying to register as a reviewer, but my area of expertise is not listed

We recognise that the profession is constantly advancing. If your area of expertise is not listed, please email to identify your area of expertise and we will consider adding it to the list of areas.

For Authors

How long does it take to upload a manuscript?

If all of the files you need are pre-prepared, we expect that once you are familiar with the system it will take no more than 10-15 minutes to input all of the necessary information, upload the relevant files, complete the submission checklist (including uploading any permissions) and completing the submission.

What is the best format for my files?

In each box there is a list of appropriate formats. The process works best if text and table files are uploaded in Word in 12 or 14 font text. Images are preferred in .PNG. Please ensure that video files are uploaded in one of the listed formats.

I have tried to upload a file, but it does not appear in the box

Occasionally the system takes some time to register that you have uploaded a file. It may also be necessary to refresh your screen. If a box with the text "delete" appears, your file has successfully uploaded.

What if I want to finish uploading my manuscript later?

At any time you can click "Save and Continue" while creating your manuscript. This will take you back to your homepage where the manuscript you are working on will appear as the last item in your "Manuscripts Awaiting Action" list (if it is the most recent item added). You can then log out of the system and return to the manuscript at your convenience when you log back in by finding it in your list of "Manuscripts Awaiting Action" and clicking on "edit manuscript".

I have finished uploading files, but the system is taking a long time to move to the next step

On occasion it may take some time for the system to process the files you have uploaded, particularly if they are very large (for example complex and large illustrations or long videos). Please bear with us for a few moments.

On my homepage a manuscript shows up as "published" but it is not yet available on the Journal website

Manuscripts are listed as "Published" as soon as they begin the process of publication. This is to differentiate them from those which have been accepted for publication but in relation to which a publication date has not yet been set. If your paper appears under this heading and has not already appeared in the Journal it means that it will appear in a forthcoming issue in the very near future.

For Reviewers

I am registered as both a submitting author and a reviewer, how do I switch between roles?

Currently it is necessary for you to log out of the system and log back in, selecting the alternative role when prompted.

Can I use my mobile device to consider a manuscript and submit a review?

Yes. The system works well with iOs devices, but may encounter issues when using the default browser on Android devices or with the mobile Chrome browser. These are issues with the browsers. The best solutions are to either download and install the Mozilla Firefox mobile browser and install the Adobe mobile pdf plug-in in your Android browser.

What is the process for submitting a review once I have completed it?

Submitting a review is a simple matter of clicking on a few links and buttons once your review is finished. We ask you to go through a number of stages as a failsafe to ensure that you do not accidentally submit a review before you are ready through a technical glitch or a "slip of the mouse/finger".

Some of the boxes on the page displaying the manuscript files are blank

This may be because the author has chosen not to upload files into those boxes. Very occasionally there may be technical issues which prevent a box displaying properly. If you come across such an issue please email

Do I have to check whether I have been asked to review a manuscript?

No. You will receive an email whenever a manuscript is assigned to you.

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